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Own modem initial optimising connection DLM

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2: Seeker

I'm migrating from Virgin Media to Vodafone broadband.

I intend to continue using my own router and have purchased a Draytek Vigor 130 modem to enable me to do so.

I know I need to get the username and password from Vodafone for me to be able to do this and that it needs to go into my router.

But there's a week overlap between my Virgin Media service and Vodafone, during which time I intend to continue keeping my router connected to the Virgin Media Superhub modem.

In the Vodafone welcome letter it says:

You'll need to plug in your Vodafone Broadband router before 8am on <install date>. Just follow the instructions...

Do I need to plug in the Vodafone router or can I just plug in the Vigor 130 without it being connected to the router?


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If you ever have any issues they'll want you to plug the VF router in anyhow, so you may as well do it at least for the day of the setup!  What you can do in advance is set up the network on the VF router to reflect the WiFi SSID and password that you're intending on using.  

Thanks for your reply.


If i do that then presumably the connection will be optimised for the Vodafone router as opposed to my own modem?

Also what's the value of changing the SSID and password on the vodafone router to match my existing one?

I don't intend to use it and I don't want my wifi devices confusing the two seperate networks.

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It takes a while for the line optimization to stabilize, usually around 10 days, so you've plenty of time to set it up.


As for the benefit of changing the SSID and WiFi password, it should mean that your devices just auto-connect to the router.  Easier to change the setting on the router, than to do it on every single device!