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Broadband activation

Phone line reconnected, but still no broadband

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Ref 871068

Recently joined vodaphone and lost my phone line. No dial tone at all. After a few live chats and phone calls (about two weeks into switching), Openreach came out and reconnected me at the exchange. I can now use my phone for calls. 

However, still no broadband. The router shows a flashing white light for the internet, but can't connect.

This is still the case after being reconnected 10 days ago. Have been unable to get through to vodaphone on 0808 005 7320, I'm left hold for over an hour before being cut off. Live Chat just tells me keep phoning that number.

Is there anything I can done my end? I've done a hard reboot and leave router on all the time.

Surely now I have a functioning line they could just attempt to reactivate the line remotely?

Any ideas?



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2: Seeker

As to above.

The Vodafone router still has a flashing white light, so was advised to access the router to check the settings. This didn't work, it didn't load up.

However, tried my older router from supplier SSE.

And it worked, full speed internet. It appears I had two faults; loss of connection at the exchange 'fault on line' and a router issue.

The loss of connection at the exchange meant no dial tone, phone completely dead. So I had to phone the Broadband team for them to check the line to acknowledge 'fault on line'. They will give you a reference number and they will deal with it within 3 working days automatically.

Live chat didn't help, only phoning them will.

The router issue I dealt with myself from reading these forum pages. I really don't want to phone vodafone again to replace or reset their router. It was quite a hassal, so I'll stick will my old router.

Hope this helps anyone.

If you have a dial tone try another router.


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Hi @Gareth24 I'm sorry to see you've not had the smoothest of starts on your journey with us. So we can exchange your router and make sure it's plain sailing from here on in, pop us a direct message via Facebook at Vodafone UK, or on Twitter using the handle @VodafoneUK. Include a link to this thread and we'll take a look help you get back online in no time😊

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