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Broadband activation

Repeatedly told diffrent things

2: Seeker

I called over a month before I moved home to arrange the moving of my broadband and I checked REPEATELY before I stuck with Vodafone that they could install on the say I moved as working from home so neeeeeed Internet I arrived and its not working I called and first customer service woman led me on for an hr then said oh its an easy fix I will transfer you and they can activate immediately, then I was cut off.......  I call back go through it all again but then this guys says oh now we need ylu to get a guy come out in 3 days im like well I wasn't informed of this and the prev call I was told you could fix in an instant, now he's put me on hold and I'm at 2hrs 28mins on hold but im now left possible losing a week worth of wages

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Hi @Bambieleigh88, are you moving a Superfast service or a Gigafast service? Can you also tell us the date that you requested and the go live date that you were provided? If the go live date has past, please let us know the know the colour of your internet light on the router 🙂

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