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Broadband activation

Router still not dispatched

2: Seeker

I ordered my broadband package (500Mbps) 10 days ago and my router has still not been dispatched. 

CityFibre installed a fibre line to my house yesterday all ready to go. 

I contacted the live chat on Monday, they said they were having issues at the warehouse. 

I contacted again on Tuesday and the agent assured me that there will be no more delays as the issues had been resolved.  

It's now Thursday and there is still NO movement on the delivery of my router. What is actually going on? I don't want to be told to wait 1-2 days as I've been told this by text several times now. 

I have until tomorrow to cancel my existing broadband provider (TalkTalk) otherwise I will have to pay for another month but I can't afford to be without a connection and with the router no where to be seen it looks like I'm going to have to pay twice just to have a broadband connection.

To add insult to injury, Vodafone are now offering 910Mbps for £30 a month a week later, (Cost me £38 a month for 500Mbps a week ago!). 

Not a happy start. 

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2: Seeker

This is like home broadband ordered on the 20 November 2021 said the Rueter would be delivered by 23 November for live date of 6 December 2021 did not arrive, spoke to someone at Vodafone and they said it will be posted out on 1 December 2021 again this did not arrive. Now I have to wait until the end of December 2021 / January 2022 for my home broadband rueter to be sent out to me.  This is due to them not organising months in advance for Black Friday like other mobile / broadband companies did eg. EE, O2, and Sky ect ect.  It’s not the front line staff fault it’s management fault from the planning upwards to the CEO. and executives of the company.  They will still be Expecting us to pay for a Service which we have not got.  I expect not to pay anything for the service I have not got and full compensation not just a £20.00 compensation a bit more than that for a service I have not got.   Sort it out as you have now got egg on your face.

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