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Says Gigafast is available, but unable to install line

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Since phoning up seems to get me stuck being thrown between darpartments, I am hoping someone here can give me some answers.


I am a Vodafone customer, and became one only because Gigafast would be available in my area. Openreach is very slow, and I would otherwise be on Virgin Media if the promise of 900Mbps wasn't given. Gigafast is now available in my area, and the Vodafone website says I can get it.


When I phone up to upgrade, I am told that although it does say I can get it, the operator doesn't have the option to actually give it to me (which is apparently odd, and does seem so). After being transferred back and forward between the same few darpartments, it seems no one has any answers.


I have entered my deails on the CityFibre website, which says I need permission from my landlord to have the line installed. I own my property, so unless I have a second personality I am currently unaware of, I already have permission from myself. There is direct line of sight from the newly installed utility pole to the property. My neighbours who have the same line of sight don't need permission from this mystery landlord.


I have contacted CityFibre, who basically tell me the same thing as their online checker, but in different words. After some back and forth they have told be they have no information about who the third party is. I have been told to enter my information to register my interest and someone will get back to me. This hasn't happened. Since CityFibre aren't selling me the service I don't want to hassle them too much, I believe Vodafone should be doing that on my behalf.


So perhaps someone on here knows who I have to speak to in order to actually find some information about who is preventing the line from being installed, because neither Vodafone or CityFibre seem to know, or care enough to share.


Community Manager
Community Manager

As we'd need you address to investigate why you're unable to request the service @CopperPostIt, we'll be unable to do this through a public site such as our Community. If you pop us a private message through one of our social channels, we'll be happy to reach out to City Fibre on your behalf and see if we can get a little more information for you.

Fortunately for me this issue has been resolved by CityFiber, though no explanation has been given for what the issue actually was.


I now have the installation booked, so we will see how that goes in a few weeks.

hi there, I was wondering if it was vodafone that resolved this ordering issue for you?


I have a similar issue, Cityfibre works complete 2 months ago and Vodafone availiability checker says gigafast is avilable but cant proceed to order.  Cityfibre checker says I'm on a private road but my next door neighbour is available so i think it needs to sorted on their end.