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Broadband activation

Struggling to get support

3: Seeker

I've been having trouble for the past couple of weeks with continual disconnects.

DSL speed has dropped from 59Mbs down (stable for about 12 months) to (this morning) 46Mbs, but the router picks different speeds as it feels on each disconnect.



Have spoken to web chat 2 times across 2 different weeks. First time was told someone from 2nd line would call me (they didn't). Second time was told to call the 0800 number since the first case was closed (no reason given).

Web chat had me remove the front plate on the socket and connect directly to the test socket.


Called the 0800 number and they had me factory reset the router (sigh, settings). Then they called me back and said they'd escallate and call me.

Called them again a few days later - no log of an issue hence no callback. Since DSL had been stable for 3 days and speed was showing >49Mbs no further action to take.



And still I'm having problems. 


Have syslog from the router showing the disconnects, have screenshots of the router showing uptime, speed etc.

However, no matter who I talk to on the first line support, it's *really* painful.


They're obsessed with it being a wifi issue (wifi isn't enabled, I'm connected via ethernet, happy to provide screenshots from the router showing wifi disabled in the GUI).

Last call, the lady suggested I change the ethernet cable.  Because, for some reason, the ethernet cable would put WAN entries in the router syslog:  e.g.

14.04.2018 16:45:26 WAN information WAN disconnected, WAN type: WAN PTM over DSL, service type: data, device: ppp2

14.04.2018 16:47:01 WAN information WAN connected, WAN type: WAN PTM over DSL, service type: data, IP:, device: ppp2
14.04.2018 16:58:59 WAN information WAN disconnected, WAN type: WAN PTM over DSL, service type: data, device: ppp2


I pity first line support since they don't seem to be able to get any information at all from the router itself, which I suspect would immediately answer most of the questions they want to ask. (How many devices connected, wifi, etc).




I don't want to waste more of my life calling 1st line to again go through exactly the same painful conversation. I've spent probably 4 hours in web chat and on the phone and am still stuck at first line.


Can someone please get someone technical to give me a call please. Thanks :-)


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I'm really sorry to hear about the experience you've had so far trying to get these drop outs resolved @paulhar and apologise for any inconvenience that's been caused. 

I completely understand your frustration and know how important a stable broadband connection is.

We'll be more than happy to forward your query to our Broadband team for further investigation. So we can do this, I've sent you a private message with details on how to get in touch.

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14: Advanced member

it would appear some users are having problems with the Vodafone router , this is a good post to read

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