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Trying to get Superfast 2 with Apple TV - An ongoing saga

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I am a long term mobile customer who decided that it was time to move my broadband away from BT to Vodafone after they place a letter through my door showing a great deal. I wish I had looked at this forum before doing so but here is the journey so far.


  1. I went online to get the deal and saw there was another deal with Apple TV 4k plus 12 months subscription, so i went for that deal and also chose to retain my landline number. Got all the usual confirmation emails and set about waiting for my installation date (2 weeks time)
  2. Realised after a few days that I never received the final welcome email with an account number so logged on only to see that the service I ordered was shown as cancelled. I then went on the chat and spoke to a gentleman who said it was due to a technical issue and i should re-apply
  3. I did this the same day exactly as before and it all went through emails and all plus this time the full confirmation with account number. New date was 2 weeks away so now my service would start a few days later from the 1st order I placed
  4. Following morning, i got a call from Vodafone with a gent saying the 2nd order was now cancelled because they can't retain my phone number but he had set up a 3rd order with a new number and when it goes live, I can get my old number ported. I was about to say thanks and drop the phone when i decided to check if he had done the version with Apple TV. He gave me a convoluted answer but seemed to say he had and I was not convinced
  5. No surprise the emails came showing he had ordered the basic Superfast 2 without Apple TV and in fact a router had been despatched. I then called vodafone again and asked for the 3rd order to be cancelled and i would place a 4th order with Apple tv (have no sympathy for me people, because I should have walked away at this point but BT are so bad)
  6. I placed the 4th order, choosing a brand new landline number etc and it all went through. In the meantime, the router from order number 3 arrived (as the cancellation could not stop it) and then 2 days later the router from order number 4 arrived. I called Vodafone to ask what I need to do and they said neither router is showing on my account (##~##). I gave them the details of the router from order number 4 and they added it on and said my service was ready to go and I could return the other router when next I went past a Vodafone store (They did not seem bothered about it tbh)
  7. I then asked when my Apple TV would arrive as I was paying for it. They said it is despatched seperately and would come in 3 days. Now my activation date is Friday, nearly 2 weeks later than i wanted intially and no Apple TV. I call vodafone who tell me the Apple TV I am paying for (not a freebie, it is £6 extra month) will arrive in 60 days as they have no stock......not stock of something they announced in December. There are Apple TVs everywhere to buy so this is not like an iphone with a global or UK shortage due to demand

Just now need to hope that come Friday my service starts without a hitch but I want some moderator or vodafone customer service to tell me where my Apple tv is?


Also has anyone ordered that service and if so has yours arrived?

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Hey @Nastra100, sorry to hear of your recent epxerience. It seems there's been quite a few orders put through there - I'd have advised for you to have upgraded your Superfast 2 while in your cooling off period. So I can check your order for the Apple TV, please drop us a message on Facebook or Twitter. You can drop a link to this thread in your message to us so you don't have to explaint this again, if you'd prefer 😊

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