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Broadband activation

Vodafone Home Broadband it is absolutely the worst service ever.

2: Seeker

Hi there . 

So we decided to swap from SKY to Vodafone Broadband ( a huge mistake) and we had it first the activation date 4th of April anyway everything was okay got the router etc plugged the router before the activation day as it say on the instructions and we waited till midday and nothing was activated yet.  Called Vodafone and Apparently they have not activated because for some reason we called and cancelled ( lol we never did that , plus why in hell we would get the router if it was cancelled just 2 days after we ordered it.  ) . 


Anyway after Vodafone was apologising on the phone and all that bla bla they couldn't understand that I must have internet because of my work ( I work as a freelancer and that's my only income for the moment) 

They gave me 50 GB  on my mobile number for the next 14 days till the second service will be activated . 

( they think i can freelance,  build websites etc through my phone ) . 


So after that I couldn't do anything I was / I'm screwed,  no work at all no income and bills to pay all that thanks to Vodafone. 


After got my second router and done the activation thing again yesterday was meant to go live . I pluged it in and left it all day till 6 pm , nothing like always was live, no internet at all . 

Called Vodafone again they guy was just chatting more than helping ( I need bloody internet to start working ) . 

I did reset the router as he said  and then he said after 2 hours it will be okay . I waited till after midnight instead and  still the same thing .  ( I think they will never activate it any way) 


I just hope I can reactivate SKY tomorrow because I would never never be bothered to get anything from Vodafone anymore . They don't give a dam sh**** and they are just useless . 


Ah also they offer me again 50 GB on my phone for the next 14 days , I think that's the way they go over it . 


Also if anyone knows is there any link or phone number I can  call for a higher complain because I'm really upset and depressed from this , just imagine having no income for more than 15 days now and counting , and I have to pay all the bills monthly 110£ a month is just for Vodaofone ( phone contracts) . 




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I'm sorry to see you've had a bad start to your service @svulaj. As we'll need access to your account to look into this, please contact us by following the instructions in this private message.

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14: Advanced member

the correct course of action would be to make a complaints to the complaints team and you are also entitled to compensation for everyday your broadband is not activated



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1: Seeker

Honestly mate you’ve had a lucky escape if you stayed with sky and we have 100% packet loss  at least every day so no one in the house can do everything. It’s painful sitting there running a speed tes and watching it spike from 100% to 1% and back to 100% whilst I’m trying to do work so I don’t loose clients.

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Moderator (Retired)

Hey @Tommy102 is our Tech2 team looking into this for you? 



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