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Broadband activation

Vodafone lied stay away.

2: Seeker

I'm vodafone customer from 2006 mobile.i join in broadband 6th march 2022 installation date 23th march 2022 today after 37hours on chat 19hours on phone call I decide to cancell this fake contract .the compensation for all this issue was 0 yes 0 because is under cityfiber I already call my lawyer and make a claim in small court claim .please stay away from vodafone home broadband i have all evidence text email and call with reference number .is time to stop this fraud .I already contact vodafone from 23th march via chat phone twitter Facebook is just a joke tell me every time please allow 24 h 48 hours and 0 compensation after 2 months

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Community Manager

I'm sorry to see there was a problem with your broadband connection @Darius1988 and we'll be happy to look into what caused this for you. As we're unable to discuss any account specific issues through a public forum such as our Community, we'll need you to reach out to us via one of our social channels. I can see in your message you've advised you're unhappy with the service offered by our Social Media team in the past, so if you prefer our Customer Relations team will be more than happy to look into your complaint for you. 

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16: Advanced member

That is a tricky one. If you have cancelled, should you be entitled to compensation?

As it is a new fibre install, there would be no need to lose your current broadband service and so no real loss to yourself.

Still good luck with the small claims court.


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