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Broadband activation

Vodaphone just charge me £20 (PRO RATA) for connecting my THG3000 router 2 days early!

3: Seeker

Seems that early connection has worked against me - I have just managed to login to my account now to see Vodaphone have applied a pro rata £20 charge presumably because i connected the router 2 days early even though my Virgin broadband is being used and doesn't finish until 15/12/21 so you have charged my £20 for 2 days for having the router connected to my network even though I am still using my Virgin connection.


Not Happy as it is nowhere in the terms and conditions and the engineer I had stayed in all day today 13/12/21  for never turned up, not even the courtesy of a phone call , text or email - very inconvenient just cost me a days salary, then Vodaphone send me an email at 21:43pm tonight to say the engineer wont be needed and wont be coming between 08:00am - 13:00pm this morning = lol what use is that?

So why activate my broadband early knowing most users will probably connect their routers up as soon as they get them?


Seems a bit of a cynical money making exercise?

Beware folks you don't fall into this trap!


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