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Broadband activation

Website registration errors

3: Seeker

I have been trying to register for the website (account access) for over a week now using my broadband order number (activation due on 29th June) but keep getting various errors.  Initially it was order number not recognised, then some other error, contacted an agent via chat and they sent me a password reset for a user name not related to my email or order details, asked for webchat transcript to be sent so I could copy the user name from that (had no pen and agent closed chat before I could copy from the screen) however that never arrived. I managed to get to the details screen but after filling out it all details hit yet another error, now I am back to order number not recognised, and neither are the registration details I filled out (checked just in case they had actually registered). This doesn’t fill me with optimism re the service (also from some pre-filled fields I was able to see I appear to be in system as ‘Mrs’ which is really annoying FYI ). 

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Hi @Phxbairn, please click here to speak to an agent via social media in regards to getting this set up for you. They can check if you have an online account already set up and created one with you if needs be 😊

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