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Broadband activation

Well it’s 3.09 am and I’m still awaiting.... Internet

3: Seeker

Well it’s 3.09am and I’m still awaiting.... Internet activation.

after the gazillion emails and texts in the last few days with tall tales of great riches and and activation by midnight 6/2/20...... my baited breath is tired of waiting and by the looks of other posts this is normal! I've been with several other outfits over the years and they've managed to have me up and running in 2hrs when I have switched. Perhaps vodaphone is not allowed access to 'the waves' until all the other internet providers have gone home for the evening? Perhaps they have smaller buttons to press but have big thumbs. I know not.
I shall be speaking to that Martin Moneysavings person, he not knoweth what he speaks.

oh well off to surf on my 4g for new providers who can provide a level of service! P.S please read this if you're hopefull, gullible and a sucker for punishment...


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