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can I use Vodafone Station Revolution router from Vodafone Italy for new conection in England?

1: Seeker

I got a Vodafone Station Revolution router model SHG2500 from Vodafone Italy.

 Can I use this same router for a new conection in England?

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16: Advanced member

Unless it's running a custom firmware you'll have no means to enter your account details.


Even if you managed to get VF UK to enter the details into their database, when you turn the router on, it's not going to attempt to contact the server where it can through negotiation (CHAP) download your details.  It probably wouldn't even get that far, I'd suspect that the OpenReach network would not allow it to connect to ANY authentication server, either in the UK or more likely Italy!


*As far as I'm aware the Sercomm SHG2500 router is identical in functionality and major component usage to the Huawei HHG2500, to the extent that using a serial cable connected to the motherboard may mean it would be possible to upload the HHG2500 firmware onto it - if you can find a copy (be aware that this would breach multiple software licenses).  Even after doing all that the device would still not actually be licensed for connection to the Openreach network.


And after all that, you still have a real crappy modem/router with no updates and no UK support from anyone.

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