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Broadband connection

Broadband will not connect -

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I have a vdsl broadband which had been working very well over last few months (since I swapped to a third party router/modem).  I hired someone to paint the house earlier today and had to disconnect my Asus DSL-AC68U router from the wall.


When I reconnected the modem cable, the router would not connect to the internet.  Going into the config page, it suggested that the WAN cable was disconnected and I now have no internet access.  I grabbed the original Vodafone router and hooked it up, but it also does not connect.  A factory reset of the settings would not fix the issue either. I opened the log files in the Vodafone router config page and under 'WAN' there are no entries - which makes me think that the router is not even attempting and failing a connection.


I tried calling Vodafone customer support and was on hold for 2 hours (7pm to 9pm), after which point I gave up.  I was hoping someone here might be able to assist me.  I do not think the cable is damaged/faulty as I unplugged it very carefully and it looks intact.  I suspect that the painter may have opened the telephone socket (where the modem cable connects) to paint around the socket and this is the cause of my issue - but I have no idea how I could check if this is the case.  Any guidance on how I could diagnose the problem. would be much appreciated!





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Thanks for getting in touch @guizadas, nothing should stop you from connecting and we'd love to help in any way we can. 

It's very suspect that your router has stopped connecting after you unplugged it and the house was painted, you might be right and something may have been disturbed.

You can try plugging directly into the test socket, which is located behind the faceplate of your master socket on the wall (the one, it sounds like might have been removed). Give that a try and let us know if it makes any difference. 

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