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Broadband connection

Cheaper option to the TP-Link AC1600 as 3rd party replacement for Vodafones joke router?

2: Seeker

Hi,  we just signed up with Vodafone Fibre and soon discovered (like everyone else with Vodafone Fiber it seems) that the router is not fit for purpose. We have fiber and so would like to get good download speeds and streaming quality (for steam and Netflix at 1080p - no need for 4k bandwidth) . We live in a one bedroom flat - so not loads of space, but the current router even struggles to reach the bedroom.  The recommended router i've seen on here is the TP-Link AC1600 , another one was the TP-Link W9970.  The former is currently 90 quid on Amazon, and i feel it's a bit of an insult to have to shell that the TP-Link W9970 that much worse, and is there perhaps another one that i've not heard of that would give us decent service that we're already paying for? 

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13: Advanced Member

I use an ebay Zyxel VMG8924-B10A.  Depending on the provenance some effort may be needed to clear out previous ISP details as explained on the Kitz forum.

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