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Broadband connection

Cheats and lies as a service by Vodafone.

4: Newbie

I have recently upgraded my Home Broadband to Superfast2, as a loyal customer I have recived 10% discount for entire contract time. Shortly after that it turned out that, the cabinet is overloaded and they can't provide me more than 59Mbps (65Mbps is guaranteed). After two checks by the second line support, On 18th of March I have recieved text saying "..we won't be able to meet the minimum speed we told you about when you ordered. So to honor our Ultimate Speed Guarantee we are giving you 15% discount on your monthly cos for the  lifetime of your current package...". I have checked yesterday, and there was still only 10% discound applied. I have contacted Vodafone by online chat, and one of their representatives applied 15% for mis-selling but removed 10% for being loyal customer "because I can't have two discounts". Asked for pointing that in T&Cs proposed to contact 08080034515 for further assisatance and disconnected. It looks that we will migrate our two mobiles and bradband to normal ISP.

BTW it is still avaible to order Superfast2 on my line with 65Mbps guaranteed.


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I'm sorry to hear you've had such a poor experience with us @horiz0n and I'd like the opportunity to look into both your current broadband speed and the discounts you've been offered. As I'll need access to your account to help with these, please get in touch, by following the instructions in the private message I've sent you.

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