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Broadband connection

Connection (partial?) drop-outs on Teams calls

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I have had vodaphone home broadband since the 4th of November. I waited untill now to post this as I understand that connections can take around two weeks to 'settle'.


I seem to have an issues with microsoft teams calls. Beasied teams, my connection seems very stable. Browsing the internet, stremaing amazon prime, spotify, youtube, etc are all completly fine. However I seem to have connection/bandwidth issues with Microsoft Teams calls.

Frequently when I am on teams calls I am experencing either complete or partial disconnections. By partial disconnection I mean that other people on the call are unable to hear me, but I am still able to hear them. Even more strangely, when this occurs windows reports my wifi as "disconencted", but I am still hearing people long beyond any length of time I would expect the audio to be buffered (e.g. 20-30 seconds).


I have checked the logs on the hub from the time period of the disconnect and have attached a screenshot which I believe shows the relevant error.


I will send a second post with some screenshots of my DSL status.


Any help or advice you can offer would be much appreciated.


- Andrew


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Because of the 3 image per post limit, please see also some DSL status screenshots. This information helped in problem solving another problem with another provider a long time ago.


If the issue is only affecting your Teams calls @Operon4. this sound like it maybe connected to the teams app, it might be worth making sure you have a most up to date version of the software installed. We use the same app here and some of our team have been experiencing issue, this seemed to be rectified after a recent update. If there are no updates available, or this doesn't resolve your issue, get in touch with us through one of our social channels and we'll be happy to take a look.

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Hi Mark, Thanks for your reply.

Since my first post I can now add some more detail.

It seems that whenever I disconnect from the teams call (as described above) I also completly disconnect from Wifi on the laptop running the teams call and on other devices.

It is almost like the teams call is crashing the hub and it is restarting itself and/or the wifi antenna.

Is there any part of the logs I could show you to prove this?

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Hi Again,

I asked the tech support from my work to look into this for me and it seems the issue could actually be the wifi connection. As you can see below image, I am apparently in a crowded wifi area.


I have been reading some other threads on this site and it looks like my problem might be that the vodaphone hub is not good at managing these wifi-busy environments and beyond this, does not allow users to manually set a wifi channel. I was with plusnet for 2 years before switching and never had any issues at all with the wifi.


I expect the disconnects I am experienceing is actually the hub switching channels and reseting the wifi connection.


Can you propose any solution to this?


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