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Broadband connection

Customer service couldn't help fix connection of Eero Pro to THG3000

2: Seeker

Just bought the Eero Pro to instal a mesh network on our VF broadband (THG3000 modem/router). Once the Eero was installed, the VF connection died and remains dead. Followed the troubleshooting steps several times to no avail. Spent over an hour on chat with a rep, got cut off, could not reconnect to the link he gave me to permit reconnection in such cases, then was told no staff were available, and finally told that chat was closed for the night.


Usual negative experience with VF customer service, unfortunately. Several hours total wasted, in return for nothing but frustration.


Some googling and reading on this forum indicate a solution might exist, but it seems excessively complicated, involving bridging, double NAT-ing, MTUs and other things that really ought not be necessary, and are well beyond my expertise. Also difficult to implement in the UK when I'm stranded abroad due to Covid-19.


Is there an easier solution available? Could it be that there is simply a setting in the VF modem that requires a change? Would be grateful for any suggestions. Thanks for reading and understanding.

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Hey there @jcsmith93voda - Firstly, I'm disappointed to hear of the experience you've had with our webchat team, this isn't the level of service we aim for. If you would like us to check your broadband service on your account, please don't hesitate to drop us a message on social media.

In regards to your Eero Pro connecting to your modem, after having a little google myself all the steps suggested do seem to include 'bridge mode'. I would suggest to try setting up bridge mode to see if this improves your service.

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