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Broadband connection

Day two of Vodafone Broadband service.

2: Seeker

Day two of lack of service. Vodafone (U.K.) missed the activation date and promised it the next day. They now say maybe tomorrow. It did take two hours on the chat to find that out  though. And now they are saying maybe by the 20th..... Working from home has never been so difficult. I’m even starting to miss NowTV Broadband’s service!

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16: Advanced member

What was the problem with Now broadband?

Did you allow Vodafone to handle the swap from Now, as they shouldn't have stopped Now until they were ready to take over.

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It doesn't sound like your switch has been as smooth as we'd like @PeytonBirch. We'll be able to take a look into this, get you a definite date for your service to be transferred to us and make sure everything's in place to make sure this goes through. As we'll need access to your account to do this, pop us a DM through one of our Social Channels.

Just to let you know, when you message us privately our automated assistant will try to help. You can speak directly to an agent by selecting 'Get started' followed by 'asked to DM'


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