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Broadband connection

Device constantly coming and going on connection

2: Seeker

After a recent problematic switch my tv wouldn't connect. It now is connecting but coming and going every few minutes. Worked fine before. 

I'm told my broadband connection is fine. Obviously! 

How can I look why the tv is doing this and can i assign it to used 5ghz only?

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You can change the frequency of your router through the GUI (Graphic User Interface) @Sheepy75.

In the address bar of your internet browser (not your search bar), type the IP address of your Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub (by default,

Your default GUI password can be found on the label of your Hub, which will either be located on the back of your Hub, or underneath the base.

Once you've logged in you can update this and many other settings. Let us know how you get on when trying this and if there's anything else we can help with.

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