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Broadband connection

Download speed

2: Seeker

Have had Superfast1 for nearly 3 weeks now and my download speed has gone down from 38 in the first few days to 31 Mbit/s now.  According to Vodafone's letter to me when I signed up my minimum guaranteed speed is 35 Mbit/s. That doesn't agree with the 25 Mbit/s that would trigger a price reduction, but it's somewhat disappointing. To be honest, I don't notice the difference in practice, but what is happening?

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8: Helper

The forums are rife people  with connection speeds lower than expected (netflix) .

You should feel lucky you are getting 31mbps.  :Winking_smiley:


Do you use your connection for netflix?

If so then run a speed test at and hope you have similar speeds.


Behind the scenes vodafone are looking into various speed issues which seemed to have helped some and not others at moment.


The router supplied is basic. Some have used third party routers which have increased performance and speed.


There are many reasons for a drop of connection speed.


Some more technically minded people might wish to share you all the various different reasons that can effect your overall speed there are many.





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Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

@slotph It may be that your line isn't stable at the 38 Mb and during the initial testing it's stablised at 31 Mb. In regards to the line not running at the minimum guaranrteed speeds. We'd be more than happy to get this looked in to. I've sent you a private message  on how to get in touch. Joe

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16: Advanced member

the best thing you can do is find your legal rights 


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