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Broadband connection

FTTC but upload of 1 mbps

2: Seeker

How can I get details of if I've been told incorrect information about if I'm connected to FTTC? This is brand new copper to the street and vodafone have said Openreach reports this as the maximum?

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4: Newbie

Even FTTC is subject to poor speeds if the copper element is long enough, in this case you could ask for a lift and shift if you have a nearer cabinet.  On the other hand if there is impedance and or noise on the line this will cause a slow down. Is this test through WiFi? Wired is best for sure also worth going into your routers dsl or WAN section and looking at the error count. If the count is high chances are your SNR is high along with high levels of interleaving and INP which will reduce bandwith and increase latency. Standard diags that Openreach ask you to carry out will be change of rj11 change of micro filter if your not using a pre filtered plate and trying a different router. They won't send an engineer without you doing that. If the engineer does come and they plug in the JDSU and find no problems at least insist they do a DLM reset or change you to the latest NTE that way they can't charge you as they will have to put down they did work on the distribution side.

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