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Broadband connection

Gigabit available but not through vodafone?

2: Seeker



I have notification from BT that gigabit internet is available now to 3rd party providers in my locality.

I have checked and to date you do not offer this under the post code search for my property yet BT do?

Can you please advise when or if this is to be offered as i will now look to jump on the start up offers BT are providing if you are unable to do this.


Many thanks

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Hey there @fredintheshed - We'd love to have you onboard 😁 If we haven't rolled out Gigafast to your postcode just yet, you can register interest here so you'll be the first to know when it's at your door step!

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2: Seeker

Hi Evie,


Thank you for your reply.


Seems like the registration link you put up however is broken as says page is missing or deleted when i look.



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15: Advanced member

@Evie's link has a spurious space at the end here it is again sans space.

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