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Broadband connection

Gigafast 900 WiFi issues

2: Seeker



Been having weird issues with the WiFi on my Gigafast 900 for the last few months.  Been finding that devices are connecting to the WiFi but are reporting no internet access, devices constantly dropping from the WiFi or devices not even connecting even though they are a few metres away from the router.


Usually disconnecting the device from the WiFi and reconnecting tends to fix the issue but its seemingly all over the place.  I have reset the router multiple times, forgot the WiFi network on my devices and connected again, both of which fix the issue for a short while before it starts again.  I have also tried having 2 Wifi setup, 1 for 2.4GHz and the other 5GHz but that hasnt seemed to help much either.


I know its hard to diagnose the issue from what I have said, but is there anything I can/should do via my router settings to test and see where the problem lies?





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Hey @GaryEa, thanks for getting in touch. It sounds like you've done most of the things we'd advise as troubleshooting. Sometimes, the WiFi connected but no Internet error may be due to broken cables, service disruptions, or just about anything else that’s not within your control.

What lights are showing on your router? Does this change at all when these drop outs happen?

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3: Seeker

hi Gary,

I don't suppose you have Apple devices do you?  I've been experiencing the same as you and frequent router "self resets". If this sounds familiar check out this thread. The short version is there's a bug in the Vox3000 gigafast router firmware which Vodafone are aware of but are advising will take til January to fix:

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4: Newbie

Log into your router via next time you have no internet and check if you have an internet connecting.

If you have any apple watches disconnect them from the wifi network.

This is exactly how my problems surfaced, had wifi with no internet, after logging into the router home page i couuld then see under DSL status lots of disconnections.

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