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Broadband connection

Gigafast fast stopped working

2: Seeker

how convinient for Vodafone, about a month and a bit days (so I cannot cancel it anymore) my broadbad just stopped working (I have 900MB/s , even thought I never remotley even get that much - list of excuses given).

Now dear vodafone. Your complaint procedure and who is regulating you. I be contacting them tomorrow. You dont even have 24/7 technical support.. JOKE not a service.

and before anyone asks. yes I can be upset and mad. its 48 quid a month. and it just stopped working. and yes i reset router and that black box by the wall about dozen times now.

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Moderator (Retired)

I'm sorry you’re having a problem with your service @deratoul, that’s really unfortunate.

Have you contacted our dedicated Gigafast team about this? You can contact the team by calling

191 from a Vodafone mobile, or 03333 040 191 from any other phone. Lines are open Monday to Sunday, 8am to 9pm. Blair

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2: Seeker

The only unfortunate thing is that you are not open 24 hours , like wvery serious ISP.

Not really sure how you want me to take you seriously when I need to wait 10 hours to call someone who won't do a thing. And of course by the time I call, all will work perfectly.

We'll my bad, I have trusted you. Can't wait for contract to finish, I'm going back to BT

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