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Broadband connection

Gigafast installation

2: Seeker


I live in Milton Keynes and broadband cable has been fitted into gagage.

Engineers have been digging the street but they managed to pull cable through a BT pipe.

I am currently a BT and not a vodafone customer.

Issues is that I want router and fibre connection to study which is about 50m around external walls from garage point to study. I have spoken to sales in person and on the phone and all say is up to engineer on day of installation. Broadband is very important in my house and I need to be sure the installation of 50m of fibre optic cable is not going to be an issue. Who can provide assurances. Cannot contact the installers to discuss this issue - guess it is all subcontracted. Ideally needs a site survey.

I am very keen to get Gigafast but not with flaky assurances that it will be OK!

Welcome any thoughts.


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16: Advanced member

I don't think anyone on here is going to suggest that you'll get anything other than flakey assurances.  Unless you come to a custom arrangement it's almost always going to be to (one of) the nearest feasible points at which they can get the cable to access the property!


Beyond a default consumer install it pretty much comes down to either making a special arrangement with the installers or getting a better whole home net sorted out inside the property.


*Even with the ONT installed at the front of the property a QUALITY network cable attached to a router could be routed around the exterior of the house to the study, or you could even just use such a cable to run from the ONT to router located in the study.  If you are prepared to use your own equipment there are a few mesh systems that will give you around 1Gbps around the entire property!

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