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Broadband connection

Gigafast only live on one side of the road

2: Seeker

About 18 months ago CityFibre did their thing and laid the fibre in the ground and installed the cabs.   I thought "great, now I can get some decent speeds in my house".  I did some investigation and found that there was an engineering lock on my road which prevented any further progress being made regarding getting connected.  I was then able to find the local CityFibre representative's email addresses, so I dropped her an email.  She came back pretty quickly and confirmed there was an engineering lock on the road and that she would look into the issue.

Funny enough within 2 days the engineering lock was resolved, I thought "great". WRONG!

It now appears from speaking with one of my neighbours opposite me that they have received a letter from Vodafone a couple of weeks ago saying that they can get Gigafast, so I went digging and found out that the houses opposite me have the Gigafast option, whilst all of the houses on my side of the road do not have access.  I live down a cul-de-sac for goodness sake.

Rant over.


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I can certainly understand how frustrating this situation might be @neil_neo . I wish I could provide some more information as to why this happened. I'd recommend speaking to our dedicated Gigafast team by calling 08080 034 515, they might be able to provide some clarity on this for you 👍

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