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Broadband connection

Gold Key Address Circle of Death

2: Seeker

I've been trying for around 6 months on and off, to move my Fibre to Vodafone.


I'm currently with EE and have a reasonable 30Mbps no problem and have done so for around 10 years.


I contacted Vodafone initially via Sales who said they could NOT supply me. I researched further and contacted their Chat support who diagnosed I was a Silver address and needed to contact Openreach. 


I contacted Openreach and raised a ticket to which they said, yes you can get Fibre, these are the Providers..go and speak to one of them...Vodafone included.


I contacted Openreach again to say I've already done this, to which they really does need to be the Provider than contacts us for an ORDI request.


Progress I though t!


I contacted Vodafone via phone and explained in detail the problem and the ORDI request...I was put on hold a while then assured someone would escalate and raise the request.


A few months later, still nothing so I contacted Vodafone via chat again...and got a really helpful guy who new exactly what needed to happen. He followed up with me a few days later and said the request had been completed and I could now contact sales.


I checked the website again before contacting sales to find my address still wasn't listed correctly so I contacted Sales directly and they said the same...I've waited around 3 weeks since then and still no change on the website....


so I'm at a loss.....where do I go from here ? I already have Fibre with EE, all my neighbours addresses on the same FTTC Cabinet seem to be able to be supplied by Vodafone...Vodafone say they've done what they need to...openreach say they can't do anything their end...what gives ?!!



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Hey @cookan, I'm really sorry to hear we've been giving you the run around. Can you please message our Facebook or Twitter team so we can look into this with you? 

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