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High CRC errors help

4: Newbie

within : 1 day, 10 hours, 35 minutes and 25 seconds


im getting 622 CRC errors on the upstream

and 581 super frame errors 


what could be causing this and is it a problem ? 


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

It's not a problem. It may be a problem if you were seeing hundreds of thousands per hour, but the rate you're seeing is nothing.

@CrimsonLiar explained this in another thread.

Stop analyzing and just enjoy your service. 

the service is not enjoyable which is why im trying to find the problem and get a solution 

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

To save me reading your other posts. just what problem are you trying to solve.

From memory, you should have a near perfect connection, much like mine, but, yes I see those errors too.


Line Quality

  Downstream Upstream
Current Rate79999 kbps20000 kbps
Maximum Rate82994 kbps26258 kbps
Signal-to-Noise Ratio4.4 dB9.6 dB
AttenuationDS1 9.2 dB, DS2 22.6 dB, DS3 35.4 dBUS0 2.1 dB, US1 15.6 dB, US2 25.5 dB
Power12.7 dBm4.6 dBm
CRC Errors in last 21305 minute(s)15726
K (number of bytes in DMT frame)00
R (number of bytes in RS code word)80
S (RS code word size in DMT frame)0.06470.3819
D (interleaver depth)81
Delay0 ms0 ms
  Downstream Upstream
Super Frames0209239570
Super Frame Errors12798
RS Words1354643656505531537
RS Correctable Errors5955770
RS Uncorrectable Errors00
  Downstream Upstream
HEC Errors00
OCD Errors00
LCD Errors00
Total Cells33864845370
Data Cells23722307640
Bit Errors00
  Downstream Upstream
Total ES13709
Total SES046
Total UAS173173

for gaming everything feels delayed , shoot first die 1st situations all the time even on my own host im getting shoot 1st die 1st situation vs people in america they just melt me , not just the yanks , feels like everyone is a seconds ahead of me and for competitive thats not ideal at all especially when al these providers say there great for gaming  . Now before u suggest stuff like ethernet cable for example . I have done every possible thing on my end for gaming ive even tried the best routers to no prevail . When openreach engineers have tweaked the line  set snr to 6 for both down and up and turned off interleave for both down and up ive had the best connection you could ever want for gaming [ stability and bullet registration wise ] . the problem is after 2-10 days max the line alters because of the DLM , undoing all that the engineers have done . Although at this property i originally left BT to join SKY but the week before my activation day with SKY i got a open reach engineer to trim the topo of this skinny tall tree that was tapping / rubbing on my line . After that once the line switched the settings the engineer applied stayed like that for 9 months straight . My SNR for both download and upload was at a solid 6.4 . Interleave was off . But after that 9 months there was roadworks right next to my cabinet but at the same time the tree grew back and now again is tapping / rubbing on my line and ever since the problem has occured again . Ive asked all the engineers from after that 9 solid months to see if they can get the tree trimeed but they all say they dont need to  [ lazy engineers if you ask me ] . I had 9 month of solid reliable stable connection , couldnt ask for better but after that tree grew back and roadworks my connection went back to been crap . The amount of openreach engineers ive had round is ridiculous but they only recently like 4 month ago found corrosion on my line and "fixed it " and done a lift and shift for me but im still having the same problem but before they found corrosion they were telling me my line is fine and perfect yet the corrosion found was there for a while . everytime i had an engineer i asked "have you check the cabinet " and they always told me they didnt need to but 1 engineer that was cool did 4 months ago and found alot of corrosion . All that lift and shift has done is maxed out my speeds on my line 80/20 . Still getting the stability issues which makes me think that the line needs tweaking but ISP's these days dont like doing it and they claim only openreach engineers can tweak the line like that yet ive had so many openreach engineers claim ISP's can do that . 


thats why im all over the forum tring to find a solution and trying to rule out whats causing the problem . 


FYI im 112 metres away from the green cab and shouldnt be having this nightmare xD

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Simply focussing on your gameplay as proof of line problems is not helpful.

The stats you have shown us really don't look too bad, so to make any meaningful suggestions we would need more specific examples,

BMQ graphs, tracert examples. ping times, might give us something to work with. but at the moment we have nothing to go on.

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Are you sure that's your cab?

Have you run a silent line test - 17070 option 2? 

We've already established that DLM is taking action on your line so how many times have you disconnected/rebooted/reset your router? 


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

If we'd had all this info at the beginning we probably have suggested getting in touch with whoever owns the tree, or make a complaint to the local council. 

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Which game server(s) is/are the problem? Are you perhaps being connected to servers outside of the UK or EU?