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How can a company [Removed] things up this badly?

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Had 70mbps Vodafone BB for 2 years.

Recently upgraded to 500mbps, took until the second day to work, despite the engineer saying it would take 15 mins, and webchat person later saying "by midnight".

Noticed I got comms from Vodafone like "sorry you're leaving", emails and texts. Thought it was weird, but ultimately just what happened when you left a FTTC connection to upgrade to a FTTP connection. Fair enough. Also noticed however that broadband is no longer on my account. Yet, I'm using it to type this....

A few days after install, Voda on twitter told me of their Pro II broadband.

So hours of webchat later, upgrade from 500 mbps to 900mbps Pro II arranged. I was transferred so often during the chat, and "put on hold" so often. But hey, done.

Clicked the email link to check progression of order, and they cancelled it. Frustrating. I'd arranged a day off for it, as I would have no internet for a few hours install day and I WFH.

Hours of webchat and a looong phone call later, install arranged again. A different day arranged off.

Check order progress again, just in case. CANCELLED, again. Yet again, no-one informed me.

How are these guys THIS incompetent??

Anyhow, they phoned me today, and apparently they're putting a bluff/ghost/pretend thing on my account to at least show the 500mbps service on my account and then I can arrange upgrade later. But I'm utterly despondent now. Not sure if I've even any more days left to take off.

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16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Upgrading from 500 to 900 FTTP shouldn't need a presence at home.

The change to Pro II is just a different router/4G backup and booster. Presumable they will just be delivered by courier as usual.

If anyone who has upgraded to Pro II knows any different, please let us know.

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

As to how can a company mess things up this badly:  Vodafone has years of experience in messing such things up!