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Installation costs unfairly and wrongly charged

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I raised this issue more than a year ago. When I registered with Vodafone I was told I would not need to pay any installation fee (the £60). Only later I found out on my bill that they actually charged me. I raised it numerous times to customer service. I am always told the same : "We will raise a request to listen to the call you had with our sale manager [to check whether what you are saying is the truth] and IF we realise that we have not warned you of these cost, then we will reimburse the full amount". It is been MORE THAN A YEAR and always the same apologies, I promess you this time, the call will be listened to and you will get reimbursed in FULL if this has not been told to you. Why does it have to take SO LONG, take SO MUCH of my time for a charge that you USUALLY waive to attract new customers. I feel I have been misled and being taken as a fool. You should be ashamed of the way you treat your customers.

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Hey @juliegim123, I'm sorry to hear this. As Vodafone only hold call recordings for 90 days, we wouldn't be able to to confirm this. If you'd like us to take another look into your account, please contact our team on Facebook or Twitter.

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