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Broadband connection

Intermittent services . Vodafone deny responsibility

3: Seeker

Can someone please explain what is happening on my Vodafone fixed line VDSL broadband as Vodafone have no idea and will not take ownership of the problem.


Commenced my contract during October 2018 using Vodafone equipment and all appeared OK.


Sometime around June 2019 the below started.


Every morning from a few seconds past 1000 hrs, for almost exactly 1 hour and 40 minutes I cannot connect to a particular mail server . At the same time I cannot RDP onto any of my devices and the connection to a web host on my LAN fails. ( None available) . ( Router using Google DNS )

However during this time I have full access to all websites from my LAN

I have no processes or systems running on my LAN at this time. Just a few machines connected on a flat network.


Every evening from 2100hrs for the same 1 hour and 40 minutes the same occurs.


I try to ping the mail host from several devices and no response.

A tracert only reaches my routers IP address and goes no further.


At the same time other family members across the UK who use the same mail host on different providers can connect without issue.

I can also connect to the mail host using Vodafone mobile network


Outside of the specific times I can connect RDP from my work systems and also can connect to the web host. All services avaialble


I contacted Vodafone who stated that because my connection has not failed , as I still have web access, which is confirmed by their logs showing no connection failure, that this is not “ a fault” so not their problem. They only respond if there is a complete outage because that is their only remit.


One “ technician” ( using the term loosely ) arranged to send a replacement router despite my indication that it was highly unlikely to be the router . New router arrived. Issue remains identically.

Vodafone Support indicated that they are not qualified to deal with such matters and their opinion is that it was a software issue?


My insistence that it was clearly a network issue of Vodafone’s fell on deaf ears.

My suggestion  that I would move provider as their service was inadequate resulted in the demand for a contract exit fee as I was still in term and there was no fault for which they were responsible.


Has anyone any suggestions as to how to resolve the issue


(Tried VPN,. Still the same )  








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2: Seeker

Hi. No specific advice that you could try, but there are some similarities with my experience.

I get the expected download speed of 11 Mbps, but at times i get kicked out of online games as my connection to the server has dropped, ie ping goes too high. I am able to browse the web when this issue occurs. 

I have installed 'Speed Test loggger For Windows' whick can be set to download a file at regular intervals, and keep a track of the download speed, or if it cant connect. I have mine set to download a Vodafone test file from every five mins. I attach my most recent 24 hours. 

I have spoken with Vodafone support a few timtes and they have told me to try a few things but this has not helped. I will be calling them back again soon.

It is frustrating that if the service is partially working, ie you can browse the web, then they dont think they have a problem to fix.

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3: Seeker

Thank you. Anynhing is worth testing. Will ty it out as it may highlight something

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16: Advanced member

This might sound odd, but in terms of running servers on your local network while using the original VF router, it sounds as though you may have got further - reliability wise - than most of the "tinkerers" on here!


And therein lies a part of the problem!  The tinkerers are quite willing to mess around with this stuff to get it to work - often because it's not "mission-critical".


Personally, if I were in your shoes I'd be getting my username and password and a cheap (UK spec) VDSL modem-router off eBay, and giving that a try!  *The thing is that we shouldn't be having to do such things in order to get quite straightforward networking setups to work!

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3: Seeker

We must be thinking the same way as I have done just that

Have  VDSL modem with excellent recvews on its way, hopefully arriving in the morning.

Will give that a go and see what impact, if any, it may have.

Thank you for taking the time to offer your suggestion

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