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Broadband connection

Internet keeps dropping out - WAN Disconnected

2: Seeker

Internet keeps droppingg out with the below events in the event log when it drops:


28.03.201917:19:41WAN connected, WAN type: WAN PTM over DSL, service type: data, IP:, device: ppp2WAN
28.03.201917:19:39PPP authentication successfulSystem
28.03.201917:19:39PPP CHAP authentication startedSystem
28.03.201917:19:39PPPoE PADS receivedSystem
28.03.201917:19:39PPPoE PADR sentSystem
28.03.201917:19:39PPPoE PADO receivedSystem
28.03.201917:19:39PPPoE PADI sentSystem
28.03.201917:19:37PPPoE PADI sentSystem
28.03.201917:19:31User sucessfully logged in to UI from LANSystem
28.03.201917:19:03WAN disconnected, WAN type: WAN PTM over DSL, service type: data, device: ppp2




Been happening more and more freequently recently. Any ideas what it could be?

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16: Advanced member

whats your SNR margin and FEC corrections etc 

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2: Seeker

Where do I find this info?

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2: Seeker

Just found it:


SNR Margin: Downstream 7.1dB, Upstream 6.1dB

Loop Attenuation: Downstream 2.8dB Upstream 23.3dB

FEC Corrections Downstream 1 Upstream 178868

CRC Error Downstream 1 Upstream 3

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