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Broadband connection

Is there a looking glass application available?

4: Newbie



I'm in contract with my ISP for a while but am in one of the CityFibre areas.


Happy with my ISP but maybe looking at Vodafone FTTP when the contract is up if it's going to be cheaper.


Currently my ISP sends traffic to my workplace network via Manchester despite BT handing off the traffic to them in London which adds a bit of latency.


I wanted to run a quick trace route from one of the Vodafone core routers to look at the route the traffic might take if I switched.


Is there a publicly accessible looking glass site?



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Hey @pctechbloke, we'd love to have you onboard, the more the merrier!

I'm afraid it wouldn't be possible to provide you with this information relating the to data going from one place to another. Can I ask why you're after the info? We may be able to provide you with some info to take away 🙂

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4: Newbie

Hi @Evie


That's fair enough, just looking at the latency that's all as had a couple of people complain about call quality when speaking to them over Skype for Business and a couple of apps running a bit slow so before I speak to the teams that run those I was looking at my own setup (am using a BTW FTTP connection) but had the guys from CityFibre carrying out the microtrenching outside the front door a couple of weeks back so thought I'd ask out of interest.


When it does go live and I'm out of contract I'll definitely look at the price as I understand it's also symmetric?


Thanks for the reply and I know it's a bit of an obscure thing to ask but I 'do IT' so this kind of stuff interests me.


#Ineedtogetoutmore :Smiling:




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