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Broadband connection

Lan disconnect(again)

2: Seeker

So had lan disconnect a little while ago, support did firmware update and was all good for a week or so then returned.

support did another firmware update and was good for a month or so then it happens again so they did yet another update and gave me a static ip.

same problem popped up again today.


a router restart normally fixes this for a few days but today has been constant 


any ideas on what I can do?. 

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Hi @Jonew, it sounds like we're going need to take a look at this in more detail and access your Vodafone account. For us to do this, you can contact us on Facebook or Twitter, the details can be found here. When you do send us a private message, if you're greeted by the Bot, just select 'Get Started' followed by 'Asked to DM'. 

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