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Broadband connection

Landline calls causing loss of broadband connection

1: Seeker

Any tips please on how to resolve:


Every time I get a call on my Vodafone landline, broadband connections are lost - particularly to my daughter’s laptop and my son’s Xbox. Netflix to main TV usually seems to work.  


(Large family: 4 older children and myself connected sometimes) 



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4: Newbie

Just to get the first-question stuff out of the way... is/are the phone(s) plugged into filters, and if so, have you tried unplugging all except one or swapping with a spare to see if one of the filters has taken an early retirement?


Beyond that, does the line drop immediately or does it take a few rings, e.g. increasing chance of a line drop with the number of rings? Had this particular one years ago but worked around it by getting the fax to pick up after one ring, but from people's comments it sounded like it wasn't all that rare a problem.

Then again this was earlier ADSL and I think there was a much wider variety of faults to choose from back then.

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