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Broadband connection

Low sync speed and dropouts

2: Seeker

For weeks now I have had a low sync speed to the router and also the Internet keeps dropping out, really need this sorting out as my contract expires in August and I'm seriously thi King of moving because of this

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@Tealc2961 I'm really sorry to hear you're having problems with slow speeds and your internet dropping out. We'll need to take a closer look into what's causing this.
As there could be a few different options and we'll need some personal details from you, please get in touch with us via our Social Media channels. You can speak to us via Facebook Messenger at Vodafone UK, or contact us on Twitter using the handle @VodafoneUK. Please remember to include the link to this thread, along with your username.

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3: Seeker

Fixes will be guaranteed to include 'cahnge channel' and 'reset router'.


If the sync speed isn't what you signed up for just get out now and go to another provider.  It'll save you months of agony and having to contact vodafone to sort out yet another problem

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