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Broadband connection

Massive Jitter and Download Issues

2: Seeker

Well vodafone I at a loss.


I switched from BT to Vodafone based on cost.


but to be perfectly honest I truly wish I had stayed with BT.


Initally I was happy with 24mbps download and very low jitter.


Over the past 3 weeks my download has decreased to an unacceptable level.


I have tested throughout the day from 6am  into late evening and the speeds don't really improve.


My download is 3mbps and I am getting massive jitter 350ms


I reported this to Vodafone on Friday and spent almost 1hr on to a lady in the broadband team trouble shooting to absolutely no avail.


I've reset, restarted, confirmed my serial number,  connected my VF router directly into master socket, run speedtests from Ethernet connected PC and nothing seems to rectify or even improve the shocking speeds.


I was promised by the lady she'd own this issue and contact me with updates. I have heard nothing in 50hrs.


I am seriously miffed off with the lack of quality support,  I asked the lady if she would report this to Openreach for them to check the pairs since all her testing did not resolve diddley squat.


I'm still waiting and  hoping that someone in Vodafone actually cares about customer service.



2: Seeker

Hi. We have been having issues with our broadband connectivity for months. Yes I regret changing to Vodafone.

The speed is as advertised, but at peak times the connection to the internet stops, although web browser based access continues to work ok. I have spoken with their tech support, and they have given me things to do but I still have the problem. 

When you say 'connected my VF router directly into master socket'   is this a physical router, separate from the Vodafone modem? Thinking of buying a separate router to see if that helps me.

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Thanks for getting in touch @bttb and @stoicsteve - no one wants slow speeds and we know how frustrating they can be.

One of our team will be happy to access your accounts and take a closer look into those speeds for you. Please get in touch via Facebook at Vodafone UK, or contact us on Twitter using the handle @VodafoneUK.

Make sure to pop your usernames and link to this thread in your messages too, this will save you having to explain again and we can help you quicker. 

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2: Seeker

TJ - thanks for you reply - I don't use Twitter or Facebook


But I feel that the service your Vodafone Broadband team offer is a joke.


I reported this issue to the Vodafone Broadband Team 7pm on 23rd Aug - the lady told me that she would take ownership of this and said she would call me back , but then continued to say if I wanted I could cancel if I wanted too with no cost too me.


Well 8 days on and guess what I have not heard a thing from either the lady or anybody else in the Broadband team.


My router is syncing at 22Mb/s - but when I run I continue to get absolutely terrible speeds currently I'm getting 1.5Mbps Download and 0.63Mbps Upload and massive Jitter of 358ms


I asked the lady on the 23rd Aug to report to Openreach and she led me to believe that that was her her next step.


I'm now on my mobile trying to get to speak someone to help me get this issue rectified - I am in queue and currently I've been listening to music for over 26mins - this is truly the worst service I have experienced. 


I work from home as such I need my broadband service to be able to carry out my duties, This is very frustrating


TJ I'm at my wits-end with the shoddy service, I just want an Openreach engineer to test the landline - thats not asking too much is it ?





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2: Seeker

TJ - I've PM'd you


Awaiting your reply





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Hi @bttb I don't think it is to much to ask for your service to be looked into. You're absolutely right. It doesn't sound you've had a very good customer journey and for this, I can only apologise on the forum. I appreciate you've advised you don't use Facebook or Twitter, but these are the only methods in which we can help with account related queries.


Just to let you know, the Private Message function on the Forum isn't monitored so you won't get a reply on there I'm afraid. If you don't have Social Media, you would need to continue discussing this over call. 

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