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Broadband connection

Need changing from Interleaved Path to Fast Path

1: Seeker

I would like to have this setting  changed for me which affects my ping times and as far as I understand this can only happen if the Dynamic Line Management (DLM) caution counters are reset. I have tried speaking to support  3 times, no one helps or can help as half dont even understand what I am talking about.


Been told twice (even from a supposed manager) that I would get a call back but nodoy called me back. Once was  told the requested was submitted and it will be actioned in 24h but i highly doubt this person even understood what I was after and ofcourse nothing happen. Another customer support representative asked me to change my DNS settings,do a ping test and then he concluded that there is nothing he can do as the system reports that all is fine. He had little or no idea of what I really wanted to happen and was just recommending me "solutions" based on the protocol they have to follow.


Shocking/clueless customer support. Absolutely shocking.

How can you be so clueless?  

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15: Advanced member

The Vodafone router uses (redundant) interleaved data to help correct errors on the fly, and it's something that the router won't turn on unless it needs to.  It's also doubtful that there is an admin setting that VF has that enables it to be turned on/off at the modem level.

Unless the line issues that caused the connection to be interleaved have been fixed then resetting the caution counters will have little effect as your line will revert back to interleaved VERY quickly.

If you were to use your own modem/router then Lantiq based devices seem to prefer G.INP over interleaving, which would give you a better ping, even though the sync rate will be a little lower yet able to match the same download speeds.

Much of the issue that you are seeing is down to the vagarities of VDSL and not strictly Vodafone's implementation, no matter how awful the supplied modem+router is! 

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1: Seeker

Thanks for that reply.

I thought more or less the same. Also VF told something along the same lines after a lot of chasing and speaking to a ton of clueless staff.

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