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Broadband connection

No data connection with DSL

1: Seeker


I an using WiFi with a Vodafone DSL connection. This was working fine till yesterday, but from today evening, the WiFi is not working on any device. I work with my home network and he certainly wifi connectivity is very important for me. My address is 

FriedrichStr 6, Gummerbach 51643

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17: Community Champion

Hi @AGeorge


Vodafone UK cannot help with your connection problems. 

As you are a Vodafone Germany customer you will need to contact Vodafone Germany.

Vodafone Germany forum


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2: Seeker

I had the same problem and I can not access all my sites 

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Hey @yanismangas, it's disappointing to hear you had problems with your Wi-Fi connection. Has this been resolved? If not, pop back to me and I'll be happy to help in any way I can. 

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