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Broadband connection

PSTN Switch off to VoIP

4: Newbie

I have a question to ask. With Vodafone’s FTTP Service will the landline be optional when the old network get switched off because I like using my own equipment and I do not want to have to use the Vodafone’s Router just for the phone. Because Vodafone’s Router lacks security. Because I was speaking to someone on twitter about this they said you can but will be a flexible contract. It was via Vodafone’s twitters page. If can go to alternative VoIP supper and stay Vodafone for the broadband.

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Hi @DJDanny90000, we can't see this being an issue if the router will support both suppliers. With the Full Fibre packages, even if you're not planning on using the VoIP service we don't offer a flexible contract, you find more information here. If you do have any questions about the service, we would recommend that you speak with our sales team to place the order. The team can answer your questions and if you're happy, they'll get the order placed on the phone call 🙂

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