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Broadband connection

Poor speed after upgrade.

4: Newbie

I have recently upgraded my broadband from 40/10 to 80/20. Summary email from Vodafone says, 

Min download speed in Mbps: 70.62

Max download speed: 76

Min upload speed: 19

Max upload speed: 20

Minimum guarnteed speed: 65.5


It went live on midnight today. Just checked speedtests and all I can get (download/upload) is up 17Mbps. Modem is synced at 66569 / 19999 which means that I should get minimum guaranteed speed in theory. Before upgrade I was able to get 36-37Mbps download at any time of the day. Is it standard practice at Vodafone?


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16: Advanced member

really sorry to say but it would seam thats way. im on a  80/20meg line and every day at peak time i get about 5meg download speed and have for the last 3 months 

the only thing you can do is complain 


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Hey @horiz0n, I'm sorry to hear you're not getting the speeds you should be. Has there been any improvement over the last few days, as you mentioned that you'd just gone live? 

Are you getting these speeds just over Wi-Fi or on a wired connection too? Pop back to me and be happy to help in any way I can.

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