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Broadband connection

Regular DLM interventions due to upstream FECs numbers suddenly going crazy

4: Newbie

I seem to be having the same problem as many other fellow subcribers where the FEC numbers suddenly jump up with the figures racking up every second. When this happens, DLM eventually kicks in and the line speed is dropped down. Then DLM kicks in again and restores the line speed. Then the same thing happens all over again.  


Is this down to the Vodafone router, or something else on the network? I'd like the service to be stable and work at the optimal speed without this happening all the time. 


Would welcome any ideas on how to sort this out! 

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16: Advanced member
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16: Advanced member

Depends how often and when it's happening!  BT OpenReach are rolling out a new "dynamic" DLM system that should "during off-peak hours" (once per week in the middle of the night), test using different parameters on the line.  If this is not happening during the night, and is more than a single "spurt" of resets, then it's not related and you do indeed have a line problem (unless for some reason the cabinet itself has been reset).

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