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Broadband connection

Remain connected to WiFi but internet drops out

2: Seeker

On a frequent basis (several times a day) but seemingly at no specific times, the internet will drop out, with websites unreachable and other services disconnected. The WiFi connection remains present during the dropout and the internet returns after 30-90s. This is noticeable on a Windows laptop, a Mac laptop, and various iPhones.


This has been the case since starting with Vodafone ~11 months ago but I gather this may have also been a problem when the internet was previously supplied by Sky. In both instances, the router used was the once supplied by the ISP.


Any help on how to diagnose/fix this would be appreciated.

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Hey @Nanuknight - that's very strange. Have you tried a wired connection, to see if the issue persists or not? Have you contacted our Broadband team, so they can run some diagnostics on your line too? 

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