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Broadband connection

Router LAN port locked at 100Mbps?

2: Seeker

Hi All,


I've just had a gigafast 500mb connection turned on and while my wifi speeds are as good as to be expected (288Mbps and 866Mbps respectively) my Lan ports appear to be locked down at 100Mbps?



So on a LAN connection

and on Wifi


Is there something I need to do to upgrade the Lan ports to 1Gbps as that seems to be the advertised speed from them?

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14: Advanced member

It's probably the devices that the ports are connected to that are limited to 100 Mbs.


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2: Seeker

I actually found out it was the cables in the end and my Nova mesh is also limited to 100mb. I got a fancier cable and can get 1Gbps on my laptop so time to upgrade even more hardware now




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