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Broadband connection

Router crashing with high number of simultaneous connections

1: Seeker

I have the latest Vodafone router (setup about a month ago). Recently, like many, I've been working from home. As part of my job I semi-frequently need to crawl websites (with the site's owner's permission) to find potential issues they may have. I've noticed that whenever I request in excess of around 75 URLs per second the router crashes. The wifi disconnects across all devices and it takes a minute or so to come back on. This does not happen when I'm downloading one single large file, it's purely an issue when I'm requesting a large number of URLs simulateneously. I can't test with a wired connection because I left all my USB to ethernet adaptors in the office (and positioning wouldn't be great for anything, but a trial in any case). I wondered if this is expected behaviour of the router given it's not designed for this level of activity, whether there's any DOS protection within the router I should try turning off (I noticed the interface is pretty basic) or whether mine could be faulty? If it's just the router not being able to cope, has anyone noticed the same behaviour in modem mode? I'm trying to work out whether I just need to invest in a better access point (and stick the router in modem mode) or need to change the whole setup.

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16: Advanced member

If the firmware image is based on the standard Broadcom reference then the router should handle at least 10,000 session connections.  Unless all the pages contain loads of content from different sources you still shouldn't be coming anywhere close to that.  Even if you were approaching the session limits the router should handle it "gracefully".  It's when such things are not handled properly that firmware gets attacked through exploits!


I'm left wondering if they skimped on the heat dissipation on the THG3000 the way they did on the THG2500 which could be made to easily crash just indexing music files on a USB stick using Twonky server!


*Not very popular at the moment - just checked on the Asus router here, the screaming started when around 200 pages being download simultaneously slowed everything to a near halt! 


**Update - Actually just highlighted a problem with the Asus routers built-in webserver by doing this!

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