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Broadband connection

SWITCH TO VODAFONE .... No ip address ... Cut off

2: Seeker

Went live with vodafone broadband fibref today, well sort of, it wont connect!!


No ip address


I see the upload and download speeds, dsl is connected, but i still have a red slow blinking light and no internet


I switched from SSE and had perfectly working internet yesterday, now i have nothing at all?


Telephone line works, dsl works, just no connection to internet


Nothing on my end its on your end.


Can you send openreach to my house to sprt this or do i need to switch suppliers again and wait two weeks for that with no internet?



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Moderator (Retired)

Hey @Laurenbaines, I appreciate this is frustrating and I'd like to help you further. Please have a look at the router setup guide here.


If this doesn't help, I'd recommend speaking to our Broadband Live Chat team here.


Alternately, If you'd prefer to deal with us directly on here, I've sent you a private message with details on how to get in touch.

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16: Advanced member

It's because you still on sse broadband untill they swap it over could be up till 5pm today 

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16: Advanced member

You could even keep your sse router plugged in and when the internet stops working and the router light goes red . Then plug the vodafone router in and you will be connected to vodafone broadband with a green light 

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