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Broadband connection

Should it be possible to use another providers email servers over Vodafone Broadband

2: Seeker

I am trying to use another ISP's email servers over my Vodafone broadband connection. I am using the latest Microsoft Outlook as my client  but I can't get it to send or recive emails.  Is this because Vodafone wont allow me to do this ?

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10: Established

It shouldn't be a problem, depending on who the other ISP is. Some ISPs do not allow access to email unless you are going through their Internet Access. Some even go to the length of disabling your email address if you leave them unless you agree to pay a monthly fee to keep it going. 

This is one of the reasons I use a web-based email service, such as Yahoo, or Outlook. They are fully portable across all ISPs and most standard email clients can be set up to work with them.


Have you contacted the other ISP to make sure the SMTP and POP settings are correct in Outlook?

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17: Community Champion

It's possibly more to do with the email settings etc @TWIDELL 

I'd suggest to re check them and any applicable preferences.

A Google search may yield more information.

I can't speak for Vodafone Home Broadband as I use another but people wouldn't use a ISP that wouldn't let them use other email clients.

I use quite a few i.e hotmail amongst others.


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2: Seeker

Thanks -  so it is probably my email settings - port numbers or type of security etc.  What puzzles me is those settings work fine over a different ISPs Connection. Do you have any thoughts about that?

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