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Broadband connection

Upload connection dropping in the evening, download connection still fine?

2: Seeker

Since around a month ago, my upload speed has currently been dropping in the evening hours between (from what I've monitored) 8pm and 2am. During the period, the speed will hit a speed of around 0Mbps - 0.5Mbps (checked through the recommended speedtest on ThinkBroadband). Doing my own tests during the downtime period shows that not even ping packets will get through clearly. A continued ping packet run tells me the speed drops for 8-10 minutes, then returns as normal.




What is unusual about this is that the download speed is completely unaffected. If it was both, I'd have an understanding that something clear is wrong, but just the upload speed makes me suspicious that I'm being randomly throttled somewhere along the network. My sync speed is currently at 25Mbps and I'm already receiving a discount on my bill.


I've read stories about third-party routers working, but I wanted to see my odds at the community first for this strange issue. Ideally, I'd like to leave Vodafone for a better provider, but Virgin Media isn't offered in my area (it's "not profitable" enough) and if it's the line's fault then switching to another network that uses OpenReach would just give me the same issue. I'd really like an engineer or SOMEONE technical to help me figure out where the issue lies, but customer support has me running in circles.


Some additional notes:

- Tested on an ethernet cable

- Tested on two seperate computers

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16: Advanced member

It's certainly odd!

I think the first thing you might want to try is to isolate the issue as much as you can!  So the next time you see the issue, connect a single device via a cable and turn off the WiFi.  If that cures it then at least you would know that the issue is internal (possibly a device on your network having been compromised/hijacked).  If it's not internal, then it suggests that there is a bottleneck somewhere outside of your property, which is going to be a whole can of worms to track down!  *If it is outside of your property then I think it's going to have to escalate to tech3 and Openreach.


**Please keep us informed, and I'll bet the idiots on the phone lines try to get you to split the SSIDs!

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That's very strange @heyjakeay 🤔 So I can run some diagnostics I'll need to access your account. In order to do this securely, I've popped you a private message over with details on how to get in touch directly. 

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