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Broadband connection

Very bad WiFi signal and speed, can't even sustain a discord voice chat between 2 people

2: Seeker

Hi, I'm joining the slow internet club, for the past 3 months or so our WiFi has been so bad that I can't even sustain a discord call between me and someone else within the same country, it's not my phone causing the issue either. I first had this issue when I was using my old Samsung Galaxy S7 to watch YouTube when all of a sudden the WiFi would just constantly slow to a crawl, I even did a speedtest and it came out to a measly 0.38mbps, nowhere near even the lower end of our promised speeds and now it's happening again with my brand new galaxy A70... Any ideas? The signal in my bedroom where I'm writing this is ok, I've got 3/4 bars of signal.

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Hey @20by9spectratio, thanks for getting in touch. I'm really sorry about the delay getting back to you, we're a little busier than usual here on the Social Media team at the moment. 

Are you having issues just over Wi-Fi, or on a wired connection too? Have you tried splitting your SSID? Give the following a try and let me know how you get on: 

Changing Wi-Fi Channels – Split SSID

You can do this by logging into your router menu:

- Go to vodafone.connect or

- Enter the password - vodafone

- In the top right, change this mode to expert mode

- Go to the Wi-Fi tab

- Scroll down and click on split SSID

- You’ll then see the two options, one for 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz, in each section, you’ll see the SSID name – we’d recommend changing the name to have a 2 and a 5 at the start, as you’ll then be able to identify which is which on your device.

- Hit apply

Changing Wi-Fi Channels

- In the Wi-Fi tab, go to settings from the left menu

- Here you can change the channel of the 2.4Ghz/5Ghz channels from Auto.

- We’d recommend either 1,6 or 11 on 2.4Ghz
- Run a speedtest before you change the channel and then another afterwards, as you’ll then be able to see any difference it’s made.

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